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To view a seven minute simulated newscast - part of the RimSim package - click on this image of an errupting volcano

To view a seven minute simulated newscast - part of the RimSim package - click on the image above.

Human populations are expanding and economies are intertwining across international borders in ways that we do not yet fully understand.

How then can we prevent natural hazard events from causing huge, far-reaching social and economic disasters?

The Crowding the Rim initiative promotes international, cross-sector discussions to better understand and prepare for the potential reverberating effects of hazards in the Pacific Rim region.


To view a ten minute video from the August 2001 summit at Stanford University, California, click on this photo of attendees meeting around a table
To view a ten minute video from the August 2001 summit at Stanford University, California, click on the image above.

We are currently planning several regional workshops in various parts of the Pacific Rim, with the assistance of sponsoring organizations. Over the past year, we have produced products including a game simulation, an interactive hazard map, and a high school education module. In August, 2001, 200 professionals representing a large spectrum of Pacific Rim geographic and sector diversity attended our international summit. See our compilation of recent press releases for Crowding the Rim news.

Click to view Munich Reinsurance's traditional review of natural hazard losses for 2001. Also we must talk about our partners and what they do

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