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"Rim Sim" Simulation: Rim Sim, a conflict negotiation simulation, provides an opportunity for realistic problem-solving to reduce risk and appraise regional planning in an increasingly interconnected global community. The four objectives of the game explore ripple effects, the role of science, multi-party negotiation, and the building of personal relationships around natural disaster mitigation.
The seven Rim Sim players assume diverse roles as professionals from different fictional countries. Working with a facilitator, players confront a disaster scenario with reverberating effects crossing geographic and political boundaries. Negotiations reveal the interplay of hazards, infrastructure, and attitudes as the players work collaborate to develop understanding about basic principles and strategies.
Rim Sim proves very effective to stimulate discussion about the substantive issues of disaster recovery and about the process of finding collaborative approaches to risk reduction. A useful educational tool for professionals and high-level students, Rim Sim is an invigorating activity that builds collaboration and camaraderie.
Rim Sim: A Role-Play Simulation is available online. At this site, you can download materials for the simulations and view a mock newscast that sets t he stage for Rim Sim. An overview and notes for Rim Sim facilitation are also available. Please contact game developer Herman Karl if you would like more information. Click for more photos of Rim Sim teams in action at the Crowding the Rim Summit.